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    Dichloroethyl ether
    Chemical ingredients and application: Organic synthesis and pharmaceutical intermediate
    Trademark: DCEE
    Chemical name: Dichloroethyl ether
    CAS NO.: 111-44-4
    EINECS: 203-870-1
    Molecular weight: 143
    Structural formula:
    Uses: Mainly used in the intermediate of organic synthesis, key material of fine chemicals; In addition, it can be used as high-level solvent, dry cleaner of top-grade wool clothes and high pure reagent.
    Packing: plastic coated metal pail(net wt 200kg), small quantity: plastic drum (net wt 25kg). Sealed, stored in a cool dry & ventilated warehouse. All have 5KG, 10KG, 25KG packaging
    Technical index:

    Appearance:Colorless to light red, transparent liquid with irritative smell. 
    Refractive index:1.4570 
    Boiling range(℃):172.5-178.5 
    Flash point(℃):55(close)


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